Request a loan for bad credit with monthly payments Today, Cash Tomorrow 

Do you need urgent financial help in order to deal with an unforeseen financial situation? A car down? Or a household appliance that has given up? Whatever the reason for your need, we can all find ourselves helpless in the face of a financial expense that was not budgeted for. Financing needs in the face of unexpected events are often urgent. Also, we give you some tips to speed up your demand for a loan for bad credit with monthly payments.

In general, two criteria are particularly important for people looking for consumer credit: the cost of credit and the speed of granting consumer credit. Unfortunately, these two elements do not mix well. 

Indeed, if you want to reduce the costs of your credit consumption, then, we advise you to turn to your bank. This offer consumer credit offers at rates much more interesting than those offered by credit agencies. However, banking institutions will, first of all, be much less flexible than credit institutions. Also, you will find it much easier to refuse a loan from your financial advisor than from a credit agency. Moreover, setting up a consumer credit via a banking organization will be much longer than via the granting of an online consumer credit via a credit institution. By going through your banking institute, you will have to wait patiently for the various appointments imposed by your financial adviser in order to spend your budget with a fine comb.

Also, it will be necessary to be able to fit in your schedule, as well as in that of your financial adviser your various appointments before the consumption credit is granted to you. 

On the other hand, by going through various online organizations, the granting of the loan will, in most cases, be done within 48 hours. The exchanges via the credit organizations are carried out, for the most part, by mail. These remain, however, in most cases available by chat or telephone. Also, if the complete file is sent from the first mailing and your profile meets the expectations of the lender, the receipt of funding will usually go very quickly.

Gather all the necessary documents

In order not to waste time in administrative procedures, we advise you to take care to send all the necessary and necessary documents from the first sanding. Also, take note of the documents required by the credit agency with which you are applying for consumer credit. Although the requirements differ from one organization to another, you will always be asked:

  • Proof of identity (passport, identity card, etc.)
  • A bank account number
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income in most cases

How to find a credit agency quickly?

Last tip if you want to speed up the process: use an online consumer credit comparator. Organizations offering consumer credit are numerous. The offers offered by these are always more attractive and it is sometimes difficult to choose. Also, online consumer credit comparators such as Joseph K. will allow you to get a quick overview of different organizations and compare their offers in just a few seconds. These will save you the tedious job of finding consumer credit on the internet, as well as comparing multiple credit offers one by one. Thus, using an online comparator will allow you to save a few hours or even a few days in your research.

Consumption credit without proof

You have often heard of consumer credit without proof, but do not know what it is? The idea of ​​ consumer credit can be quite attractive. But do not be deceived. A minimum of proof will always be required. Indeed, in the fight against over-indebtedness, credit institutions have a duty to study the creditworthiness of borrowers before granting a loan. However, some financial institutions require much less evidence than others. Similarly, some types of loans will be much more flexible than others.

Consumption credit: assigned loan or Personal Payday loan?

In most cases, when a credit agency talks about a consumer credit without proof, the latter will talk about the Personal Payday loan. In fact, when you want to finance a good or service via a consumer credit, two types of loans will be available to you: the credit allocated and the Personal Payday loan. 

When credit is affected, the future borrower must justify the reason for the loan. The lender will then finance an amount for a specific project. Moreover, in the case of an appropriated credit, in most cases, the financing passes from the lender’s account directly to the seller’s account. Also, if you do not want to specify the reason for your expenditure, it is a Personal Payday loan that you will have to grant. During a Personal Payday loan, the amount granted will be transferred directly to your bank account and you can use it without having to justify your expenses. 

Be careful, it is important to know that the Personal Payday loan, although it leaves more flexibility, is in most cases more expensive than the credit affected. Also, if you can justify your expense, it will always be better to grant an assigned credit rather than a Personal Payday loan.

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