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Request a loan for bad credit with monthly payments Today, Cash Tomorrow 

Do you need urgent financial help in order to deal with an unforeseen financial situation? A car down? Or a household appliance that has given up? Whatever the reason for your need, we can all find ourselves helpless in the face of a financial expense that was not budgeted for. Financing needs in the face of unexpected events are often urgent. Also, we give you some tips to speed up your demand for a loan for bad credit with monthly payments.

In general, two criteria are particularly important for people looking for consumer credit: the cost of credit and the speed of granting consumer credit. Unfortunately, these two elements do not mix well. 

Indeed, if you want to reduce the costs of your credit consumption, then, we advise you to turn to your bank. This offer consumer credit offers at rates much more interesting than those offered by credit agencies. However, banking institutions will, first of all, be much less flexible than credit institutions. Also, you will find it much easier to refuse a loan from your financial advisor than from a credit agency. Moreover, setting up a consumer credit via a banking organization will be much longer than via the granting of an online consumer credit via a credit institution. By going through your banking institute, you will have to wait patiently for the various appointments imposed by your financial adviser in order to spend your budget with a fine comb.

Also, it will be necessary to be able to fit in your schedule, as well as in that of your financial adviser your various appointments before the consumption credit is granted to you. 

On the other hand, by going through various online organizations, the granting of the loan will, in most cases, be done within 48 hours. The exchanges via the credit organizations are carried out, for the most part, by mail. These remain, however, in most cases available by chat or telephone. Also, if the complete file is sent from the first mailing and your profile meets the expectations of the lender, the receipt of funding will usually go very quickly.

Gather all the necessary documents

In order not to waste time in administrative procedures, we advise you to take care to send all the necessary and necessary documents from the first sanding. Also, take note of the documents required by the credit agency with which you are applying for consumer credit. Although the requirements differ from one organization to another, you will always be asked:

  • Proof of identity (passport, identity card, etc.)
  • A bank account number
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income in most cases

How to find a credit agency quickly?

Last tip if you want to speed up the process: use an online consumer credit comparator. Organizations offering consumer credit are numerous. The offers offered by these are always more attractive and it is sometimes difficult to choose. Also, online consumer credit comparators such as Joseph K. will allow you to get a quick overview of different organizations and compare their offers in just a few seconds. These will save you the tedious job of finding consumer credit on the internet, as well as comparing multiple credit offers one by one. Thus, using an online comparator will allow you to save a few hours or even a few days in your research.

Consumption credit without proof

You have often heard of consumer credit without proof, but do not know what it is? The idea of ​​ consumer credit can be quite attractive. But do not be deceived. A minimum of proof will always be required. Indeed, in the fight against over-indebtedness, credit institutions have a duty to study the creditworthiness of borrowers before granting a loan. However, some financial institutions require much less evidence than others. Similarly, some types of loans will be much more flexible than others.

Consumption credit: assigned loan or Personal Payday loan?

In most cases, when a credit agency talks about a consumer credit without proof, the latter will talk about the Personal Payday loan. In fact, when you want to finance a good or service via a consumer credit, two types of loans will be available to you: the credit allocated and the Personal Payday loan. 

When credit is affected, the future borrower must justify the reason for the loan. The lender will then finance an amount for a specific project. Moreover, in the case of an appropriated credit, in most cases, the financing passes from the lender’s account directly to the seller’s account. Also, if you do not want to specify the reason for your expenditure, it is a Personal Payday loan that you will have to grant. During a Personal Payday loan, the amount granted will be transferred directly to your bank account and you can use it without having to justify your expenses. 

Be careful, it is important to know that the Personal Payday loan, although it leaves more flexibility, is in most cases more expensive than the credit affected. Also, if you can justify your expense, it will always be better to grant an assigned credit rather than a Personal Payday loan.

Bank loans – Private loans

A bank loan is if you are to interpret it literally a loan you take with the bank. In such cases, there can be many types of loans, but the variant that you normally think of when you say bank loans is a regular private loan. A private loan is a loan that has no collateral and can be used for virtually anything.

A bank loan (private loan) usually has a loan amount between about USD 10,000 and 350,000 and the loan’s term (ie how long you have to repay the entire loan) is between 1 year at least and 15 years at most. There may be some exception to how much you can borrow or maturity, but these are the most common terms.

Bank loans without collateral and with collateral

Bank loans without collateral and with collateral

As mentioned, a private loan is a loan without any collateral. The opposite of a unsecured loan is a secured loan and it is, for example, a mortgage loan or a car loan. When you take out such a loan, you can borrow money against leaving your home or car as collateral for the loan. Of course, you do not leave your home or car, but simply have an agreement with the bank stating that they have the right to sell your collateral to pay off the loan if you cannot manage the payments properly.

When you borrow unsecured you do not have to buy anything specific for the money such as a car but you are free to spend the money on what you want, for example a trip, renovation or a very expensive cap. The only requirements you have are that you pay your monthly payment with amortization and interest according to agreement.

Since a loan without collateral is a greater risk for the bank, this type of loan becomes a little more expensive than a loan with interest. For example, the mortgage is probably the cheapest loan you can take. However, a private loan is not that dangerously expensive either if you borrow from a sensible bank or lender with good interest rates.

Should I borrow from a bank or other lender?

Should I borrow from a bank or other lender?

As we wrote earlier, the bank loan got its name from borrowing money at the bank, which was almost the only alternative in the past. Today, as I said, not all lenders are available banks, but some only deal with lending and have no other banking services. But what is the difference between borrowing from a real bank and borrowing from another type of lender? What are the pros and cons?

Actually, there is nothing to say that a bank must be better than another lender. The big banks often have good interest rates on their loans and if you compare with the lenders who have “consumer loans” or slightly smaller private loans, the usual banks usually tend to be cheaper. If you want to find the cheapest loans, however, you should look around and compare different loans before deciding and then you should also check out loans from other lenders because you never know for sure which loan is the cheapest.

The advantage of having so many lenders who are not banks is mainly the competition and the choices that exist. In the past, as you said, you went to your own bank and asked for a loan and said no you could at best go to one of the other big banks and test your luck. There were not so many choices and not much competition that brought down prices.

There are many lenders and they all compete to have you as a customer

There are many lenders and they all compete to have you as a customer

The more competition the more price pressure and that means you can get a cheaper loan in the end. Many of the non-bank lenders also have slightly different options in terms of loan amounts and repayments. For example, there are currently a number of lenders offering small, fast loans. These are a little unnecessarily expensive in most cases, but at least you have the option of taking such a loan if you want. Sometimes you do not need more than USD 5000. There may also be lenders who target loans to people who usually find it difficult to get a loan, for example because of payment remarks.

In summary, it is not possible to say that banks or other lenders are the best. The larger banks often have good interest rates on their loans, but some other lenders also have basically good interest rates. It can sometimes be easier to get a loan from the bank you are a customer at than to borrow from another lender, but there is never any guarantee that your application will be approved if your finances are in imbalance.

If you have a special need, for example, you need to borrow an unusually small amount of money or if you have payment notes, you may have to choose an alternative lender instead of a bank to find a loan that works for you. You can pay a little extra money for their special services, but if you feel it is worth the money, just apply for a loan.

How and Where to Get Credit Quickly

In the current financial market, there are several institutions that offer loans, in which money can fall into your account within 48 hours.

This can be a great advantage, but it is of utmost importance to research on rates as they may be higher because of the agility of the loan.


How it works?

personal credit

Most companies offer a simulation, in which you will put the amount you need and also the number of installments for the payment.

Before closing any contract, research the reputation of the company as there are many companies that are unreliable and can greatly harm those who apply for the loan.


What do I need to hire a personal loan?

What do I need to hire a personal loan?

Online personal credit can be a solution, but pay attention to the CET (Total Effective Cost) of your loan.

Everything is very agile and easy. And as mentioned earlier, you will do an initial simulation of the amount you need and the installments for the payment.

After that, it is important to answer some questions and fill in your details. The company will do the analysis and within 5 minutes you will receive the response.

It is worth mentioning that because it is a faster loan, it may not be offered very high loan amounts. The limit is usually reduced, for example, the company SCCredit offers minimum credit of R $ 500.00 and maximum of R $ 3,500.00.

It is important to have attention to the ways of the company, in order to be sure that your doubts will be addressed properly and with clarity. If you have any questions about payment methods, fees and contract, always contact the company before closing the deal.

Pay attention to the payment of the loan, as this type of personal credit, does not allow the payment to start after 2 or 3 months of the loan. Therefore, the payment begins 30 days after receiving the money.


In which financial institutions can I apply for fast credit?

In which financial institutions can I apply for fast credit?

You can start by checking if you have an approved limit on the bank you are a customer in. The overdraft should be the last option because the interest is very high, only use if you can pay the amounts.

If you do not have a pre-approved limit, request a credit analysis from your bank. However, this process may take a while and is not as fast as those of the institutions below:



SCCredit offers a loan from $ 500 to $ 3,500. Everything is done online. It is only necessary to present the data and the documents requested by the institution. The money goes into your account within 48 hours.

The company’s interest rate is higher because it does not apply for a property or automobile guarantee and also for making loans to negatives.


LG Lenders

MM Loan

The institution is a correspondent of BMG Bank. And it offers everything very simply and clearly. You register and apply for your loan application. The institution offers the answer within 3 minutes. If your loan is approved, you will need to choose the form of payment with the company.


MM Loan

The company offers the entire loan process over the internet. MM Loan makes loans between $ 500 and $ 3,000. Credit analysis is done within 5 minutes after sending documents. If your loan is approved, you will receive the money within a few hours.

And now that you know how to get a credit online quickly and simply, how about sharing this article with your friends on social networks? Also, leave your comment if you have any questions or suggestions. To the next!

Personal Payday: Find out now which is best for you!

In the market today, you will find different modes of Personal Payday, such as Personal Paydays offered at department stores, or those traditionally offered by banks.

But, did you know that there is also a card for retirees and pensioners of the INSS? It facilitates the approval of credit and loans for this public.

Types of Personal Payday

Types of Personal Payday

Let us know the main characteristics of two types of cards offered in the market: the conventional card and the card for retired.

Conventional Personal Payday

The conventional Personal Payday allows you to make purchases in credit or debit. Generally this type of card is released by banks and has a high interest rate application , being up to 17% per month, in addition to collecting annuity.

Currently, department stores also bet on the release of Personal Paydays for their customers in order to facilitate the purchase and payment of their products. However, these cards can only be used for in-store purchases .

The limit released on the conventional card is the maximum amount that the bank or store releases for you to use until the closing of the invoice. However, in the case of this card, the limit can not be removed.

Card for retired

Card for retired

As for the retired card, known as consignado, it is a good option for those who need a Personal Payday to make and install purchases, but wants to pay low interest rates . In this case, they vary around 3% per month.

This card template does not have an annuity and the invoice minimum discount is automatically debited every month from the beneficiary’s account, but with a limit set at 5% of the beneficiary’s income.

With this, the risks of default are reduced, favoring the release of credit even for the negatives.

For those who need extra cash on hand, it can also be used as a loan, as you can withdraw up to 95% of the available limit and pay only in the subsequent months.

How does the consigned card work?

How does the consigned card work?

The minimum payment amount of the invoice of the consigned card is deducted directly from your salary or benefit, according to the consignable margin.

However, it stipulates that only 5% of your monthly income can be directed toward the payroll deduction. In this way, in addition to avoiding delays in the payment of the invoice, delinquency rates are reduced.

Still do not know what the assignable margin is? Read our post Margin Consignable: what is it, how to calculate and what are the advantages? and know how to calculate your assignable margin.

Why is the card exclusive to retirees?

This type of card has the minimum value of the invoice discounted every month directly from the payee’s paycheck.

In this case, to have the card, it is necessary to have a fixed and guaranteed income , as is the case of the INSS beneficiaries, so that the debts are correctly realized.

Agreements accepted

Not all benefits are accepted on paycheck Personal Payday. Temporary or time-bound benefits, for example, can not be used for consignment.

The rule may change depending on the financial institution, but overall the lifetime benefits are the most accepted.

What are interest rates?

The interest rate on the payroll card revolves around 3% per month , up to 3 times lower than the interest on traditional cards. This is because the payment of the invoice is automatically deducted from the monthly income of the applicant, thus ensuring the effectiveness of payments.

Thus banks have a guarantee that the installments will be paid off and offer reduced interest as a benefit.

Repay Loan & Reduce Credit

The financial situation of many people is complicated: Over the years, installment payments and small loans have accumulated, which now draws on consumers’ income month after month. As a result, the debt is not only confusing, but also expensive. Because of the accruing fee for each microcredit worsen the conditions compared to a larger loan amount. If you are in such a situation, you should repost your loans and combine them into a single installment loan – the best conditions are currently available.

Loan loans now cheap: use low interest rates

Loan loans now cheap: use low interest rates

Due to the economic crisis in many countries, private individuals as well as companies refrain from investing. To counter this, central banks lower their key interest rates. As a result, the interest rates on the capital market decline, which is favorable for borrowers and less so for savers – which should be encouraged to increased spending. If you want to repay your loan, you benefit twice. Because this loan obligations are replaced, most likely contain contract terms from periods of higher interest rates. Because the loan (also known as annuity loans) Umschulden usually many small loans are replaced by a single, larger loan amount, the interest burden decreases anyway. What many debtors still appreciate when it comes to loan repayment is the clarity of their own finances. The is usually quickly lost when recording various small loans, so it is completely unclear how long for which loan will be repaid.

By comparing loans on favorable offers

By comparing loans on favorable offers

To make the savings effect of loan repayments as large as possible, a comprehensive credit comparison should take place. Extensive in this case does not mean that the comparison requires a lot of time and work. Rather, many potential lenders should be included in comparison. This applies to classic banks as well as direct banks and private lenders. To be able to draw on such a large offer, a credit comparison on the Internet should be chosen.

Debt Lending offers a simple


Fast and free way to get different offers. When loan repayments, of course, should only those loans are displayed, which are also suitable for rescheduling, which equalized the list of hits. For this reason, the credit comparison of Debt Lending can be limited, which includes not only the loan amount and the term, but also the purpose of the loan. Also read here how you can successfully calculate the savings potential of debt rescheduling.

Such a comparison is also completely non-binding – because perhaps the rescheduling in a specific case is not worthwhile. In the current situation, this is by no means assumed: rather, most debtors could save a lot of money. Compare yourself to Debt Lending.

Warm money rain for students: Increase from the winter semester

Finally good news for students who are chronically deprived of their money because their parents do not earn enough to finance their studies:

From the winter semester there are more Education Assistance Act fees!

From the winter semester there are more Education Assistance Act fees!

And the increase in School will be noticeable: There are seven percent more for students and students who are eligible for Education Assistance Act. The maximum funding increases from 670 to 735 € per month.


For students who are already funded, the new School rates apply from October, for new applications already from 1 August 2016. The following overview shows how the long-awaited School increase in euros fails:

Overview: These are the new School rates from winter semester 2016  

Overview: These are the new School rates from winter semester 2016  

  Outside living Living with the parents
  so far from autumn 2016 so far from autumn 2016
basic needs 373 € 399 € 373 € 399 €
Need for accommodation 224 € 250 € 49 € 52 €
usually required 597 € 649 € 422 € 451 €
health care allowance 62 € 71 € 62 € 71 €
term care insurance allowance 11 € 15 € 11 € 15 €
maximum funding 670 € 735 € 495 € 537 €

Are you entitled to Education Assistance Act? Now check again!

Are you entitled to Education Assistance Act? Now check again!

Simultaneously with the promotion, the allowances on the income of the parents also increase. In other words, anyone who was left empty-handed in the past year because the parents earned too much can now expect the coveted monthly subsidy after raising the rates. For example in such a constellation:

Example: The parents have an annual income of € 53,000 as employees and pay € 8,200 in taxes. So far there was no Education Assistance Act. After the increase to this winter semester, however, a claim of € 108 a month arises.

Background: What is EA anyway?

EA is the abbreviation for the financing of studies by the Federal Education Assistance Act. The application is submitted to the respective Studentenwerk of the university. Half of the funding is a grant that does not have to be repaid. The other half will be paid as an interest-free loan, which the beneficiaries will have to pay back after completing their training – but not more than € 10,000.


Strategies To Repay Your Loans Faster

How can you speed up the repayment of your loan? It seems impossible to pay more than the minimum amount on your credit card, car loan, personal loan or mortgage balances. Yes, you need to keep your personal finances healthy enough to pay your mandatory monthly payments and avoid delays in your payments.

At the same time, you may not find it so difficult to get ahead of your debt payments. You may not be able to repay all your loans tomorrow, but advance payments will allow you to pay them several months or even several years in advance, especially in the case of a mortgage.

Here are four strategies to repay your loans faster.

Pay half the monthly amount every two weeks.

Pay half the monthly amount every two weeks.

To understand this strategy, you will need to calculate a little bit. Basically, you use your monthly payment divided in half to pay every two weeks. One year includes 52 weeks, or 26 half payments or 13 full payments annually. If you pay only at the end of each month, you will only have 12 full payments per year. Even if your loan lasts only two years, this strategy will allow you to complete your loan before the scheduled time.


Round up payments to move forward.

Another solution that will allow you to pay your loan in advance is to round up your payment. For example, if instead of paying $ 175 per month you increase it to $ 200, this will result in an extra month of payments every seven months, even if it does not seem like much. So, in two years, you will have advanced your loan by three monthly payments.


Save to make an additional payment.

payment loan

You find it difficult to pay every two weeks or to round off your payment month after month! Then another possibility is to make an additional payment when you own the money. You receive an amount of money for your birthday or you get a bonus for the holidays. This money could be used to make an additional payment on your loan. You will get the same results as if you had used one of the two previous strategies.


Do not ask for big loans in the first place.

If a few hundred dollars are enough for you, do not ask the bank for a credit card or a large personal loan. Instead, consider a personal loan online. Only a few hundred dollars, it will suit you if this amount is enough for you. Why apply for a credit card or personal loan for more than what you need?

These strategies will not help you repay your debts overnight. They will allow you to pay in advance to pay them back sooner. You will have funds for one month in case you need to postpone payment.

Buying a Motorboat – This is how water lovers finance a boat

Boats represent a very special way of life. In order to explore local waters or to enjoy a fresh sea breeze on vacation, water lovers can buy a motorboat. However, details must be considered before purchasing. Thus, for certain boat types, a driver’s license is necessary, for example when purchasing a 60-hp houseboat. In addition, a motorboat needs a mooring, insurance coverage and regular maintenance, which causes high additional costs. Financing this prestigious hobby is no longer a millionaire affair. Those who do not have the full amount to buy a motorboat can rely on loans and installment finance.

Buying a Motorboat: Seven Tips for Preparing to Buy

Buying a Motorboat: Seven Tips for Preparing to Buy

Relevant facts for the purchase decision

With the will to buy a motorboat, it is not done. So that the decision is not regretted, a few things have to be considered in advance of the purchase.

1. Personal life situation
A boat has to fit the life situation. If you want to buy a motorboat, you must be aware that maintenance, care and repairs take time . With such a time-consuming hobby, it’s nice to be a partner and a family member. But if the environment reacts annoyed to the boat, the captain loses sooner or later the desire for it. After all, such unequal interests have a heightened potential for conflict.

Details must be noted before purchasing. For example, a license is required for certain boat types.

2. Intensity of use
Of course it is wonderful to have a boat near a lake nearby and to cruise to your heart’s content. It is possible, however, that after the first euphoria, the enthusiasm is not so great and the weekends are better planned differently. Instead of buying a motorboat, a rental boat could be worthwhile in these cases. Before deciding to buy a motorboat, consider the intensity of use and, if necessary, offset the cost of a boat with the expenses of renting it.

3. Berth
If the property is big enough, some will park their boat there or in a shed. Most boat owners who buy a motorboat prefer a mooring . The cost of this depends on the length of the boat and the location on a river or lake, or by the sea, if it is not too far to the coast. In the season, a mooring can cost between 300 and 700 euros on average. In addition there are fees for the crane of the boat as well as the additional costs around the berth . It is recommended to enter a boat club after buying a motorboat. On the one hand, the berth becomes cheaper and, on the other hand, boat owners can benefit from club activities and community with like-minded people.

4. Motorboat insurance
As with a car, a sufficient insurance coverage is necessary . It is irrelevant whether the boat only runs on the reservoir in the neighborhood or is used for ocean cruising. A water sports liability insurance covers all damage to property and personal injury, the water sports hull all damage to your own motorboat. Depending on how big the boat is and where it is used, a policy for the crew must also be considered. Since the fares differ greatly, boat owners should conduct an insurance comparison before concluding the contract.

5. Boat license
If you want to buy a motorboat, but do not want to press the driving school, you must look for a model up to 15 hp . These are for a dinghy with engine, but also smaller Rigid boats. Even overnight trips in the class are still possible without a license if a cabin cruiser with a correspondingly low performance is chosen. With the boat license See you can sail all the seas of the world, for inland waters there is a separate license class. An exception applies to Lake Constance. Anyone who wants to sail there after the motorboat needs the Bodenseeschifferpatent. Holiday guests have the opportunity to purchase a license for four weeks upon presentation of the boat license. The total cost per boat license vary greatly and are between 250 and 800 euros , added to the time required for the course.

6. The equipment
Wooden boats are nice to look at, but care-intensive. Therefore, it should be considered before buying, from what material the boat should be. Depending on the age and type of boat many maintenance work . Those who repair and restore themselves, saves money, but has a lot of time to spend. If the work is carried out by a specialist, it can put a strain on the budget.

7. Rider
The size of the boat depends on the riders. While a small cabin cruiser or even a dinghy is sufficient for fishing trips, the boat should be more generous if the whole family is there regularly.

Models and pricing

Which significant model and price differences exist?

Motorboats are basically divided into three classes:

  • Displacer: These boats push the water aside. They are seaworthy but not very fast.
  • Glider : In these boats, the hull lifts out of the water and slides over the surface, allowing for neat speed.
  • Semi-glider : Characteristic for large motor yachts. As the speed increases, the hull lifts out of the water.

The different hull types have produced different models . If you want to buy a motorboat, you must familiarize yourself with this matter in order to find the right watercraft for your purposes.

Sport boat with inboard or outboard engine
A pleasure boat is used for recreational activities on the water. These include, for example, sailing yachts with engines. According to international guidelines, a pleasure boat has a hull length of 2.5 to 24 m . The inland driving license is valid only up to 20 m hull length, on the Rhine it is 15 m. On the other hand, there are no length limits at sea.

Car boats are mostly made of wood, have a windshield , which also gave them the name. Although the care-intensive mahogany wood is still used, but to buy this motorboat is now also possible from modern plastics. Depending on their size, car boats can accommodate two to six people.

Day cruiser
When buying a motorboat, most rely on the day cruiser. These fast-running, sporty designed boats are designed for the requirements of a successful day trip on the water. Most day cruisers have an open cockpit and a small cabin in the bow .

Cabin Cruisers
The sleeping cabin or cabin is applied to the motorboat type of half-cabin on the ship. Inside the cabin is the navigation. There are models with permanently installed cabin roof and those in which the roof can be removed. Other types have integrated the cabin below deck. On such boats can spend a whole vacation. Larger models have kitchen and bath integrated.

When fishing for the nearest lake or small boat trips, inflatable boats with motor are ideal. With such a model even beginners can approach the matter of their own boat , since this is a cost-effective variant. Inflatable boats may normally be driven without a boat driver’s license.

This is the premier class of motor boats . Basically, anything longer than 24 meters is no longer a motorboat, but a yacht.

The former transport boats are something for lovers . Sometimes they are called barge. The small excursion boats are suitable for Sunday fun on small rivers and canals, also anglers appreciate them.

The cost of a motorboat

While inflatable boats with engine are already available for almost 1000 euros , a motor yacht can cost several million. Small boats, which are suitable for fishing or Sunday cruising on the lake, start at about 2000 euros. Small cabin boats are available from about 5000 euros . The prices are not only based on model and size, but especially on the equipment. If you want mahogany and leather, you pay much more than with a comparatively Spartan equipment or a boat made of modern fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The second-hand market for boats is broad and here you can always make bargains. However, buying a motorboat is difficult for newcomers to assess whether the price-performance ratio is right for a used boat. A motorboat should not be purchased on its own, but with the support of an experienced boat owner.

 A new motorboat has the advantage that it can be equipped as desired.

Finance the motorboat

Finance the motorboat

The installment by the manufacturer

A new motorboat has the advantage that it can be equipped as desired. The manufacturers now offer installment payment, relatively new is the possibility to lease a boat . Assuming the captain’s creditworthiness, the modalities do not differ from the purchase of a car.

The inclusion of a mini loan

A motorboat purchase is not broken over the knee. If the dream boat is found, it often exceeds your own budget. Due to other financial obligations there is no scope to raise the sum at the moment. With a mini credit, it is possible to buy a motorboat. Boat Lending offers quick and easy mini-credits for future boat owners. All captains have to do is complete the necessary application forms and upload documents . If the necessary creditworthiness is given and the applicant has a monthly fixed income of at least 500 euros, Boat Lending grants the loan commitment within a few hours for a sum between 100 and 3000 euros . Customers can choose to pay back the sum in one installment or comfortably in six parts. For express option and application until 14 o’clock on a working day, the transfer of the mini-credit to the account of the customer will be arranged on the same day.


Those who earn well, but have many payment obligations, may need to resort to a guarantee to buy a motorboat. This is possible both on a private basis and when borrowing from the house bank. However, many people are reluctant to publicize their financial situation with family or friends. In addition, there is always the risk that the citizen will be charged if the debtor does not pay . In addition, a loan application with guarantee at the bank has a certain processing time. If there is a bargain on the market, it may happen that someone else will buy the motorboat until the loan is approved.

The motorboat wait

The motorboat wait

What should be considered regarding the maintenance of motorboats?

The maintenance costs of a motor boat amount to about ten percent of the purchase price per year (original price). With a boat in need of restoration, there can be more. In order to save money, it is recommended for boat owners to acquire the necessary manual skills themselves . If you’re a member of a boat club, you can offer club members their help and look over their shoulders for repairs. In return, the experienced boat owners are happy to assist the newbie. As a small vehicle motorboats receive a certificate of maritime safety, which is comparable to the TÜV sticker. For this reason, the motorboat must always be in good shape.

Debt Loan – Get the Options!

The loan to the indebted has been in great demand and this is due to the number of defaulters in Brazil, which has grown considerably.

The Good financial released in April this year that the number of people in debt in the country in March, has exceeded 63 million. Check out details of default history and how payday loan beneficiaries can turn out red.

The increase in the default rate

The increase in the default rate

Defaulting is a financial situation where debts are greater than the value of monthly income. Unfortunately, this is a very common situation among Brazilians. This is partly due to free access to credit cards and personal loans. That is, people end up using these resources indiscriminately and end up losing control.

According to Good financial , the main reasons for defaults in Brazil are debts with credit cards and financing, in addition to unemployment . In 2016, when the first statistical data on default in the country, made by Good financial , were collected, there were about 59.3 million people in this situation.

Already in the consecutive years, until 2018, approximately 1 million people in arrears were added every year. However, in 2019, only in the first 3 months more than 63 million indebted people were found.

I am in default, what should I do?

I am in default, what should I do?

Many people do not feel comfortable in exposing the financial situation when they are in the red. But, this is a very common scenario in the country as seen above. To get out of the red first, you have to start cutting back on spending and practicing economics. However, this attitude takes time until the results appear and you can cure your debts.

For this, it is recommended to calculate the amount of debt and find the best way to remedy it, without worsening the situation. To do this, it is important to place three important aspects in the balance: values ​​made available, interest rate charged, amount of the installment to be paid.

What are the best options?

What are the best options?

To remove debts the most sought after solution are loans. To choose the best credit option, the applicant needs to evaluate the conditions offered and the availability of each bank. For this, we will explain better about the three main forms of loan application for indebted : overdraft, personal credit, paycheck credit:

Payroll loans

Payroll loans are granted retirees and pensioners and public servants. It is a modality in which conditions are regulated by public agencies. This makes the applicant not subject to abusive requirements. The rates of payroll loan are around 2.10% per month.

With the payroll, the applicant can make the loan repayment with up to 30% salary, which is the assignable margin. You can also request up to 9 different credit lines if you need to, as long as the sum of the credit installments does not exceed the 30% margin .

This modality does not require credit analysis and does not query the score. In addition, the applicant need not have any agreement with the bank to apply for the credit. These regulations make financial institutions increasingly attractive to beneficiaries by generating market competitiveness.Personal credit is the most sought after as it is a form of loan that does not limit public. However, it performs credit analysis with the protection agencies such as Good financial , besides checking the score in the scores . For this reason, people who seek this type of loan to clear their debts and clear their name often can not get access to this type of credit. If the case is granted personal credit for negatives, the interest rates will be very high.

The interest charged on personal loans amounts to more than 20% am . Due to the payment deadlines that can be up to 36 months depending on the analysis done with the bank, the installments are very high and this often results in the over indebtedness of the applicant.

Home Tips: 8 Checklists for Successful Home Financing

With the 8 checklists around your mortgage lending you have the most important tips from the real estate search to the collection at a glance. This will save you time and help you relax!

8 Construction Financing Checklists 

8 Construction Financing Checklists 

Because there are a variety of things that you should consider in the context of your real estate purchase. Keeping track of all the details is not always that easy. The checklists serve as a guide and save you a lot of time-consuming research. In addition, a good preparation pays off in the end. It spares your nerves, your budget and lets you sleep more peacefully.

Do you still dream of your own four walls in the countryside or are you already driving from one real estate visit to the next?

No matter at which point you are in the project “My real estate purchase”, you simply use the appropriate for your situation checklists and check off the points gradually. Feel good…

With the 8 checklists for building financing of Best Finance you get clarity about your financial circumstances and your financial planning. Find out what you need to look for in real estate valuation and keep an eye on potential opportunities and risks. In addition, you will find a documentary and relocation checklist as well as information on future modernization measures.

We want to help you to find a property that fits your life planning!

We want to help you to find a property that fits your life planning!

The 8 best checklists for mortgage lending at a glance:

Expiration of real estate purchase and financing
This timetable shows you where you are and includes the most important stops on your way to your own property.

budget calculator

With your personal home calculator, you get an overview of your finances. Based on a comparison of your income and expenses as well as saved monthly rent, you determine your monthly availability for your property.

property search

“Location! Location! Location! “One of the key criteria for your property purchase. In addition to the location, there are other points that you should consider when choosing a suitable property. You will find out what these are in this checklist.



When it comes to planning your mortgage, you should not leave anything to chance. With the financial checklist you are well prepared for your conversation with your mortgage lending specialist.

chances and risks

chances and risks

We also inform you about possible opportunities and risks that you should take into account as part of your mortgage lending.



Unfortunately, we can not do without “paperwork” … We have listed the documents that are usually required for financing.


The move is approaching, but what do I have to think about? From the organization of the move itself about necessary re-registration and deregistration is a detailed checklist to the side.



Congratulations on your new property! To make sure you enjoy it in the future, it is best to make reserves for future modernization measures. With which renewal you have to expect when, this checklist shows.

With many tips and the 8 checklists for the construction financing of Best Finance you are well prepared for your real estate purchase. Above all, you save one thing: valuable time!