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The financial situation of many people is complicated: Over the years, installment payments and small loans have accumulated, which now draws on consumers’ income month after month. As a result, the debt is not only confusing, but also expensive. Because of the accruing fee for each microcredit worsen the conditions compared to a larger loan amount. If you are in such a situation, you should repost your loans and combine them into a single installment loan – the best conditions are currently available.

Loan loans now cheap: use low interest rates

Loan loans now cheap: use low interest rates

Due to the economic crisis in many countries, private individuals as well as companies refrain from investing. To counter this, central banks lower their key interest rates. As a result, the interest rates on the capital market decline, which is favorable for borrowers and less so for savers – which should be encouraged to increased spending. If you want to repay your loan, you benefit twice. Because this loan obligations are replaced, most likely contain contract terms from periods of higher interest rates. Because the loan (also known as annuity loans) Umschulden usually many small loans are replaced by a single, larger loan amount, the interest burden decreases anyway. What many debtors still appreciate when it comes to loan repayment is the clarity of their own finances. The is usually quickly lost when recording various small loans, so it is completely unclear how long for which loan will be repaid.

By comparing loans on favorable offers

By comparing loans on favorable offers

To make the savings effect of loan repayments as large as possible, a comprehensive credit comparison should take place. Extensive in this case does not mean that the comparison requires a lot of time and work. Rather, many potential lenders should be included in comparison. This applies to classic banks as well as direct banks and private lenders. To be able to draw on such a large offer, a credit comparison on the Internet should be chosen.

Debt Lending offers a simple


Fast and free way to get different offers. When loan repayments, of course, should only those loans are displayed, which are also suitable for rescheduling, which equalized the list of hits. For this reason, the credit comparison of Debt Lending can be limited, which includes not only the loan amount and the term, but also the purpose of the loan. Also read here how you can successfully calculate the savings potential of debt rescheduling.

Such a comparison is also completely non-binding – because perhaps the rescheduling in a specific case is not worthwhile. In the current situation, this is by no means assumed: rather, most debtors could save a lot of money. Compare yourself to Debt Lending.

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